Since its inception in 1926, as a grass roots social service agency, the Huntington-based Family Service League has grown dramatically— achieving national accreditation and expanding our scope of influence and support throughout Long Island. Today, more than 50,000 individuals in need, from newborns to centenarians, rely on the social safety net that Family Service League provides.

Presently, our organization operates 60+ social service programs in more than 20 locations, situated primarily in Suffolk County. Our tireless staff, numbering more than 700 professionals and support personnel, provides both physical and emotional aid to Long Island’s most vulnerable citizens. We give seniors companionship and purpose, we provide hope and protection for the homeless, we allay the fears and desperation of young adults consumed by addiction or mental illness, and we offer nourishment and shelter to the working poor facing insurmountable financial burdens. Most importantly, we strive to keep vulnerable families strong and supported. Our five Family Centers feature up to twenty distinct social services consolidated into one help center— enabling fragile families to take advantage of multiple, integrated services in a more efficient and cohesive way.

We invite you to contribute to our important work— as a volunteer, a corporate friend, generous donor— or as one of our dedicated employees. We can proudly say that 88 cents of every dollar is directed toward assistance programs for families in need. Your contribution, no matter how small, will directly impact a struggling family. You will also be welcomed into FSL — a thriving organization that has earned the recognition and respect of social advocates nationwide.

Mission Statement
Family Service League helps individuals, children, and families
to mobilize their strengths and improve the quality of their lives
at home, in the workplace, and in the community.