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Family Service League’s Bethpage Backpack Program provided school supplies for over 3,000 Long Island children

Family Service League is proud to announce that its Bethpage Backpack Program provided over 3,000 Long Island children with new backpacks filled with school supplies.  Through a generous $40,000 grant from Bethpage Federal Credit Union (Bethpage), and many other donors across Long Island, FSL was able to offer welcomed relief to hundreds of families facing financial hardship by providing much need supplies for their children to start the 2017 school year.
According to the National Retail Federation, the cost of new school supplies is over $100 per child.  Continued difficult economic conditions on Long Island have forced many families to make the unenviable choice between buying food for their families, paying the rent, and purchasing school supplies for their children. “Thanks to the commitment of Wayne N. Grossé, Bethpage Federal Credit Union President & CEO, and Board Chair of Family Service League hundreds of other donors throughout Long Island, this vital community program provided the support and relief these families needed,” said Karen Boorshtein, FSL President & CEO. “When students arrive at school with their backpacks, they’ll have the tools and confidence needed to help them succeed.  FSL is proud to offer so many programs that contribute to a child’s educational and development.”

Mr. Grossé said, “Bethpage Federal Credit Union through our Heart of Bethpage Charitable Giving Program is once again delighted to sponsor Family Service League’s Bethpage Backpack Program.  Starting the school year off in a positive way for more than 3,000 Long Island children is what our charitable program is all about”.

photo L-R:  Wayne N. Grossé, Bethpage Federal Credit Union President & CEO, Karen Boorshtein, FSL President & CEO; Robert Suarez, AVP, Bethpage Community Development; Nan Gerson, Bethpage Charitable Giving