Family Service League is Innovation Finalist in Imagine Awards


Huntington, New YorkFamily Service League (FSL), a Long Island based non-profit human service organization, is pleased to announce it has been chosen as a finalist in the 2017 Imagine Awards, founded by Ken Cerini of Cerini & Associates, LLP.   FSL’s unique collaboration on the innovative Transition of Care (TC) program combined with the pioneering partnership between FSL and Southside Hospital Northwell Health (SHNH) led the agency to be recognized with this distinguished honor.

FSL’s Transition of Care (TC) program is designed to facilitate the access to outpatient resources for high-risk, hard-to-refer behavioral health patients in crisis.  Many behavioral health patients visiting an emergency room would be either admitted to inpatient psychiatry or released with a list of clinics, but no appointments.  These same individuals often face the additional challenges of demographic, financial, and clinical barriers without access to local outpatient services.   TC demonstrates how a close partnership between a safety net hospital and an unaffiliated local community-based agency can successfully provide post-emergency linkage of high-risk patients to a variety of care providers and services.  The essentials and unique features of TC include zero-exclusion-criteria in terms of patient demographic/clinical characteristics, a shared calendar which allows hospital staff to schedule appointments with FSL care management, and the secure exchange of medical information.

As FSL has grown to meet the evolving needs of Long Island residents, FSL staff works diligently to ensure that care models such as TC are supported.  Scientific evidence clearly shows that transition and integrated health programs benefit the patients served by providing more efficient, timely, less costly quality care.  FSL is helping to build awareness and underscore the importance of holistic healthcare that bridges the medical, behavioral health, and psychosocial needs of clients.

For information about FSL’s Transition of Care program please contact Jeff Steigman, Psy.D., FSL Chief Administrative Officer at 631-470-6790 or