Trauma and Crisis Counseling

Family Service League provides critical care and guidance to those individuals, groups and families struggling with grief, crisis, or disaster.

The Community Crisis Action Team (C-CAT) responds to traumatic incidents, assessing the needs of individuals and groups who have experienced a critical event.  Such incidents can happen in the workplace, the school, or in the community.   Members of the FSL Team are often deployed within hours of the first contact.  The crisis management team will then determine the most suitable intervention for the situation at hand.  C-CAT utilizes debriefings, defusing, and one-on-one intervention to help control traumatic situations.

1.888.FSL.CCAT (1.888.375.2228)

Joe’s Project provides immediate and ongoing support to those who are affected by, or have contemplated, suicide. A team of crisis response workers with specialized training in suicide response, along with fellow survivors, will respond within hours of the initial request. Adult and adolescent suicide survivor support groups are held at the Iovino South Shore Family Center. This important program also works within the community, organizing school functions to provide educational awareness and promote suicide prevention.

“Words of Hope: Written For and By Those Who Have Lost Someone To Suicide”. Click here to download this booklet in pdf format.

C-BITS (Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools) is a skills-based, group intervention aimed at relieving symptoms of PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder), depression, and general anxiety among children (aged 10-15) who have been exposed to trauma in their lives. While processing and dealing with grief and traumatic memories, children are taught techniques that aid in relaxation, coping with upsetting thoughts, and social problem solving. These skills are learned through conversation and the use of drawing, and take place in both individual and group settings.

In case of critical event, our FSL Teams are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and no fees are associated with these programs.1.888.FSL.CCAT (1.888.375.2228)

For information, contact Donna Altonji, LCSW-R, FSL Program Director  (631) 874-1359

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